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October 29, 2000



What is this supposed to be about?




why didn't the writer put this piece through spell-check? there is bad grammar in this piece.

Is this story about child abuse?????


That is some f***ed up stuff... I have no idea what the point in that was. Child abuse? terrorism? bad sex? really... was there a point, cuz it flew right over my head!


thats nasty f**ked up shit and who ever wrote that is f*cked up in the head nasty f*ckers

pussy kat

waht the heck was that suposed to be it made no sence and confused me


Deep Story I tad confusing but the detail and descriptions are cool. i was absorbed right untill the end and then the ending left me cold.
very, very dark.


Cleverly written with child sex molestation between both parents on their child bound and gagged in her bed. They proceed to have their way with her in every possible manner until the little girl is ravaged by her parents. Rest of story is vague and ends with little girl finding revenge and one parent expired. Hard story to trump up and most likely most of what has transpired really happened. Unfortunately, for the little girl, conclusion came to a sad ending and she is left with terrible memories. Most of story is far out and included to make reader confused as intended. In conclusion, a young life has been brutally introduce to sex and she will probably find solace in repetition of the heinous acts committed upon her at a very young age. In any case, it will lead to notably to a life of
.promiscuity and or prostitution. The writer does not indicate her age of time of sexual encounters and I sense age to be prior to puberty. Hopefully, she will eventually cope with sexual happenings on her young body and will use them to her advantage.


ideally yes, she will cope, however this is an all to familiar story where the daughter ends up killing her family. if not she will have children through a double life then snap oneday only to "accidentally" murder her children, leaving her innocent husband empty and confused. ultimately she would have ruined his life and he will take it only after writing a brief description of the events leading up to his death. his parents will receive no insurance package because insurance does not cover suicide. the mother will come back into the scene only to end it by fellow inmates raping and hanging her. randomly a cannibal will gouge out her eyes and save them for an after dinner snack. they won't taste right, so she'll throw them across the way pegging a very large dike in the head. the cannibal will laugh and fall asleep peacefully.

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