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May 10, 2003



but, baby, i'm soooo close. won't you please put on this stethoscope?


hi i had oral sex and i gave my boy freind a blow job. e was without a condom. i have realised this rash around my mouth
have i got herpies?


HOw do u give a guy a hand job or blow job?


First, stop being so indecisive. It's one of the other or both, but not one or the other or one or the other? Which one?


i was just wondering when you give a boy a blow job ure a hand job can you groan
i no it sounds silly but please answer
p.s.when ure playing with ure self is it normal to cum
p.p.s when your reading a book or a mag with sumthin about sex in it is it normal to get er wet every time
p.p.p.s i all ways get wet when i read somethin
sexy on thee net is this normal
(im wet now)


i want to know how to give the perfect blowjob to my boyfriend... please help


my boyfriend doesn't cum. i can give him a blow job until i turn blue in the face and he won't cum, we've tried toys and he still won't cum, he saiys he's nervous, how do i get him to relax enough so he will cum? how do i get him to cum?


what is a orgasim how? how do i give my girl a orgasim?? help


i no this sounds really weird but i play with myself and i wanted to know if it would harm me in any way? plz write bk

Tyler's Gurl

What kinds of diseases can I get from french kissing??
P.S. Can I get pregnant having sex and still be using a condoms??
P.S.S. How can I prevent getting diseases in my mouth while givving my boyfriend a blowjob??
P.S.S.S. Can I get pregnant from being fingered??


hi when me and my boyfriend have sex i never cum and i want to know if there is something wrong with me or if there is something wrong with him? maybe hes not doing everything hes supposed to? also, when he gives me oral i feel it coming along but it always takes too long so i stop him way before i cum. how can i get him 2 do better without being rude?


whenever i touch my baby i always feel want to kiss her n the prob is she refuses to kiss me! even sometimes i wanna fuck her n lick her! but for sure that's impossible. i know! can somebody pls tell me wat to do? is there a way to get her?


so, um i have orgasms for like hours, i can't stop, is this ok? or should i be like concerned?


I don't masterbate is that weird? Also, how do I get my boyfriend more comfortable with touching me?


how do u give a blow jog to your boyfriend and how do you make him cum?


masterbating isn't weird i bet u loads of ppl do it and they just don;t wanna admit it especially trhe guys

and guy if u really like ur girl then try ur best to suppress ur horny-ness, but other than that i really dunno what ur gonna do

just plz do not cheat on her cuz then u'd be scum

dick b long

i feel really horny right now and my girlfriend just went ta sleep what do i doo!


how do you ask your boyfriend to have sex and how do you give a blow job


Hi i was just wondering is it better if i shaved my vigina or not?


hey, i was wondering how exactly you give ur guy a hand and blow job. please help.


i will fuck u , why u made this dirty site.


I'm a chick...I heard that in the shower if you lay down and let the water hit your clit for a while and that makes you cum within minutes ...i kno it feels awesome and i just wanna know if it is bad in any way and if it hurts you physically?


if u get the shower head and let the water rush ova ur clit, it feels great and u can cum within bowt 30 seconds. u shud try it. im always in the shower. how can i stop myself from getting wet from jst holding sum'1's hand

Jake S

Why do you people ask such ridiculous questions. Its sex! Its not that difficult, God gave all animals the intellegence to fuck, why can't you. There are squirls outside my window right now that know more about this through instinct than you people. Come on! By the way, if you want any sex advice you can im me at Head1229, I am an expert.
P.S. Hand jobs suck definately go with the head!

Pepito Cuentos

Please just tell them how to suck a dick.

The dipper it gets in your throat, the better it is.
Guys Love That


Ok here i go i love to u no mastubate in the shower with the shower head i love it SOO much mmm but can it hurt u in n e wya ALSO why does it itch if u shave urself dwon there pleas help


What the fuck? Are people really asking these dumbass questions? Stroke it till it pops, suck it till it squirts, fuck it until it explodes. God made it pretty damn easy. THAT IS HOW YOU MAKE YOUR BOYFRIEND CUM!


how can virgin took the peins in throot???


Gurls i am back with one more important question and i want to know do gurls like guys dicks shaved and clean cut or like fro'd out..... Cause i shave my dick but some gurls have told me not to ande others are like yea keep doin that so what do i do ?


Ok...my boyfriend and I are reli close and we're not exactly talking, but hinting about sex...he's an increadible guy and I know he's totally into it...the only problem is I'm kinda freaked out...I hate the whole tampon thing cause it's so uncomfortable so I'm like afraid that I won't like sex...I was just asking the Non-virgin gurls...is the feeling of a tampon the same as sex? I hope not...thanxz


And ChickFlick-
Sweetie, a tampon is a dry piece of cotton that you stick inside yourself through a stiff cardboard tube....it's completely different. When you fool around with him does it make you wet? Because that's the lubrication that's gonna make it not hurt when you have sex. The first couple times you might feel like he's a little bit too big for your hole, but soon it will just feel good. Most importantly don't just lay there, be assertive and do what feel best to you...because in the long run it's seeing/listening to you enjoy it that turns men on the most.

oops, sorry about the double post.


i want to know how to give my girlfriend an orgasim because i want to make her feel good

I need some



so do you have to give a guy a hand job before you blow him?


thanks nikki...okay...i was with my boyfriend and we were making out and shit,and he has his shirt off,and he takes my shirt and bra off right, we are totally going at it..i undo his built buckle and reach into his pants for a few moments and he rushed off to the bathroom. I'm like..thats ok. He comes back and we start again..except everytime i went to his buckle he would gently push my hand away. This went on all night and i was frusterated. I tried to ask him about it without being direct. Like i asked him why he had been so nervous, he said he just didn't know..i'm gonna try again next time and if it happens again i guess i'll ask him why.


Im just asking you girls if it feels or makes a difference whether the guy is circumcised or not when having sex?


any girls wanna fuk ??

A Good Friend

Ok well, my friend, his name is frank, he's been goin out with this girl kyley for about 5 months now and he's gone down on her and fingered her soo many times neither of us can count, anywho, he's never made her orgasm, he 'thinks' he's hit the g-spot and he's licked and fingered and done everything... but still she hasnt orgasmed, i kno not all women cum when they orgasm but she's never had an orgasm... is there something you could think of that would help him or is he just a shitty boyfriend who cant get his girlfriend off?...
~A Good Friend


how can i give my man the best blow job ever????
I also gag alot..what can i do to stop that????
what should i do if i don't like my man to go down on me is there a way that i can make myself like it, or make myself let him do it? Is there something that he can do that will make me like it???? my screen is either one of the following: jsbaby692 or sweetsis2004 both at aol....... Please help me with my questions

peter laws

can no one spell on this web site, it is an ORGASM,what the hell is a GURL ??? first of all the best way to do anything to your partners is to ask them what feels comfortable and what feels good. there is no right or wrong way of making someone cum, girls if someone is making you wet while he or she is touching you and you feel a rushing or a tingling let him or her carry on if you keep rubbing your clitoris at a steady pace(providing it is comfortable and not painfull you WILL eventually have an orgasm, some are intense some not so. There are two kinds of orgasm A: a penetrative orgasm (from insertion of a penis or an object) or B: clitoral stimulation . Some girls like to have both at the same time

peter laws

Just to say that if you love a person enough you won't be shy to tell them what you like and what you don't.If you can't do that then you havn't known your partner long enough to be having sexual relations..........


hey i am really horny and just looking for a guy to talk to email em at [email protected] or [email protected]


dont waste your time make love every day, otherwise you will loose one day without injoiment.
[email protected]


im so horrny im 11 years old ineed a bitch to cum over her and fuck me


How can one reach the G Spot of a woman'Vigina


im only 14 and i wanted to abstain from sex, but ive fooled around so much, and its sooo good. i want to have sex sooo badly but i dont think i could tell anyone. where can i get birth control without my parents finding out?

rick james bitch

damn, are the people asking some of these questions like 10 years old or somethin? Some sound like they need an instruction book or a sign that says 'insert here' where the holes are, and some sound like they have a sign attached to their heads that reads 'insert brain here'... its pretty simple really: penis goes in, penis goes out, penis goes in, penis goes out, repeat as desired.

If you need instructions on sex or any aspects of it, you are definately NOT ready for it, so stop being a dumb lemming and dont do what everyone else 'says' they do, cuz most people talk trash. Grow up first, get some wisdom in your heads, cuz otherwise you dont know the beginning what you are getting yourself into, and you prolly will hate it and regret it later on for the consequences you werent ready to face....

And eileen, buy urself a vibrator, or use cucumbers, depending on how ghetto you wanna be, they are much better than the lil wang of a 14 yr old boy. anywayz youd have to be checked out by a doc first before u could get the pills so ud be somewhat deadlocked.


who the fuck is rick james bitch

have fun fuckin ;) hahaha

Peter Puller

you faggots are worthless


I love to masterbate. I do it almost every night. Is this normal or am I an addict.

horney & helpless

i have had sex so many times but i cant fine the right guy to hit the right spot i knoe that this might b sad but i lik to meet guys off the net, i meet up with them 1 or 2 times then i lik to fuk there brains out i cant help it so if any1 wants to meet up i am 15 f from melb in australia & if u wana meet up email me [email protected] (p.s u must b under 18)

walking headjob

it me again :D, welliam only 5` tall & i am sik of it all my friends call me a walking head job it might b tru i lik to giv alot of heag but it dont means that u have to go around call me that ok so i might lik to do things but i would lik it if ppl could keep out of my personal life & deal with their own, half og the ppl calling me this havent even had 1 lil thing done to then by a guy or girl they look lik dogs that they have to do it them selvz wat can i do to get them to stop saying this with out having to stop givin head???


i prefer guy with long dick,is it normal for me? but i do not like to do blow-job for my boy friend. can pls help?? tks


linda honey, we all like guys with a big dick but we dont always like to give head jobs or blow jobs i know that i dont or do any of my friends as long as u hav a good time with him & that u lov him then thats all that counts...

jesus christ

fuck off you cunts, go and bone ya mams again

God father of Jesus

You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Sex is a blessing to you! you must marry FIRST, then you may have sex, which is a blessing. I will send you to hell if you do not follow my directions. If you don't care, fine. I don't care either. If you keep having sex that just means you just want to go to hell the harder you fuck each other. So if you want to have fun, why don't you all go fuck yourself? And, I'm going to sue ALL of you guys who posted here. Thanx for reading this post. If you would like to change your idea and want to NOT go to hell, pray, for forgiveness and you shall be forgiven.(with your e-mail. And I'm serious. I know how to sue you.)


any girls out there wanna play around (if you know what i mean) ok thats all....HEHE...lol.Uhhm ohh yeahh im 14.hehe..lol ohh yeahh..lol...hehe... im a dude...lol...hehe.(O_-)owww my eye....(-_-)zzzzzzzz.


hi sexy, handsome,clean, young (19) guy looking for sexy,nice looking young (16-24) girls for friendship and more in montreal. e-mail at [email protected] with pictures. I have many pics of myself to share


you fuck heads dont know shit do you!


Any guys need a gurl? well u can hav me
hair colour: blonde
hight: 5'4
waist: skinny
please add me boys i am so board
if u want my e-mail, see right above this msg where is says posted by paris well click it thx c ya dudes o ya u guys hav to be like 15 or younger thx by


i have had head while i was 10 it was shit now ive had it while im 13 it was wicked i lost my virginity wen i was 12 ohh and hu eva wants to no how not to ecome NERVOUS u just close of ur eyes and think of you lover while bein sucked!


Well sorry to say this pplz but i dont think that any of you'z have any idea on what you are going on about am i right... & Paris this isnt a pick up page love know what you are doing & get a fucking head you dumb slut, thats what MSN is for picking up guys NOT A SEX PAGE you dirty lil whore bye bye LoVe Sharna (QUENN BEE)


how can u tell if a girl is having an orgasm?


how can u tell if a girl is having an orgasm?


how can u tell if a girl is having an orgasm?


To give a blow job start off with kissing or gently licking the penis then start sucking gently at first just pulling really hard near the tip, when he starts to enjoy this pleasure start sucking a bit harder and im sure your boyfriend will be highly satisfied.

Your guardian angel

Eileen (and anyone else),
I just wanted to inform you (since it seems that not many people on here have much intelligence) GO TO THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT! Just go to your local health dept. (check out your local county phone book) and they will give you a free pap smear (the check-up you need before you can get on the pill) and FREE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. Please don't get pregnant, and make sure to protect yourself (condoms). Take care, I hope you get this message!

P.S. Guys, the best way to help your chick have an orgasm is to stimulate her clitoris (the little tuft of skin above the vagina that Chef talks about on South Park, it's at the very top). Licking her clit while fingering her (as Peterlaws described) is the best way to assure your chick has an orgasm.


Iam 18 And Iam looking for a girl to do Internet Sex With plz if you are interrested post ur Msn And ill make you my friend


look you gyes need to grow up you people are way to young to be fooling around thats something you should wait till your married and yes one thing is to kissing but doing each other on the first night ur a plain out tramp then well thats all i gotta say and just take it as some advise you dont need sex to make you happy


Hey How do i give my gurl the best orgasim ever. And how do i eat her out the best please email me i need help


Honestly, alot of the people here need to loosen up. If you have questions about diseases or pregnancy go to the health department! If you want to know how to make your partner have better orgasms, or just orgasm, talk to them about it because no one knows their bodies better than them. Also if someone's going to have sex when their 12, thats their decision, just as it's someones decision to wait until they're married, its all personal choice. So all of you stop hating each other, stop picking each other up on this message board because thats just pathetic. If your so horny than boys, go jerk off.. and girls, go have sum fun in the shower


I keep masturbating every now and then.Is that anything harmful in future.Is that safe for my girlfriend to taste my cum


hey i was just wondering how to give a hand job and a blow job cause my boyfriend keeps asking me and i want to do it thr right way? please email me back so i know what to do


I was just wondering do you give a blow job or a hand job before sex and when you give a blow job or hand job do you need to use a condom??
pleeeeeze email me back im soo desperate


It all depends how do you like it. My partner gives me handjob and she likes I cum on her boobs.
Some people feels that it is messy without condom.I don't know you how to make her ready for a blow job?
She loves it when I lick her cunt and clitoris for several times but no blow job for me. I really love to lick clitoris.


By the way, any girl who wants to get a total orgasm and a wants a man to lick her clitoris like an ice cream in a hot day and night, come to Dubai and just inform me before on my email: [email protected]


you should be able th have sex at any age even 13


you should wear a condom if you are going to have premarrige sex so you dont take the risk of getting pregnet or desieses

been fucked

is it true that if you fuck your girl friend would you be desbrit to fuck a guy???


If any ladies want to ask any real questions about sex then ask me. I had sex once. didn't think much of it. i could always show you how its done. x

ahs ses

I'm shy when it comes to sex. I know guys love wild girls, etc. How do I become less shy?


sex isnt something you should take lightly,neither is good spelling skills,cause your not going to ever be able to fill out an application,and shoulndt be allowed to have sex cause u cant communicate,Learn what the hell your trying to do before you do it to whoever,and damn guys have some respect,it'll get you laid alot faster than oh baby suck my dick,yeah and go to planned parenthood for your own good they give out free condoms,sex/love is the primary best method of communication two humans can engage in,Learn to do it the right way


now, everyone, stfu


Having sex with my fifteen year old daughter on a daily basis until she had married is for me the thrill of a lifetime. At first she had resisted somewhat and then she accepted it and made fucking her more pleasurable. She had fell right into sexually wanting orgasm which she could not achieved fucking and only by oral sex. She had purchased a vibrator that also made her climax more frequently. This rather young sexual lifestyle enabled her to have sex freely with many young men until marrying in her middle twenties. She became very fond of pornography and collected many pictures of nude men engaging in various forms of sex. To this day we still have a great relationship.


When My Gurl Eats The Bc pill and we fuk can i cum in her??? some pleaz msg me bak


can you have sex if you are using a tampon?? and if ur a girl is it normal to get this kind of white suff coming out of your virgina when you r looking or watching sex and getting horny???

don't worry bout it

You are all too young and stupid to even be writing on here. Lou messed w/ his gaughter, that's just sick. You all need to learn to spell. You should all worry about your education rather than fooling around with your boyfriends or girlfriends.


i love to have sex and be on top... MMM it feels sooo goood ;)


OK, you guys r weird. I was on the net looking for porn and I found this. You all need treatment.


what do u think of a guy-guy relationship. just curious!!!!email me if you find this interesting!!
mr. curious.


hey u pretty ladies!!!!
r u looking for someone to instantly wet ur panties? i guarantee ur pussy satisfaction. just buzz this 10 incher once u reside in on, canada.email:[email protected]


Much has been said about having sex with black men because of larger cocks then white men. I for one can attest to the veracity of this truism. I am white and much prefer the black cock over any other race due to its length and girth in most cases. I'd sooner rim satan then suck on any other, then a black cock. Most comments in reference to once sucking the black cock is most pleasurable and is found to be very accurate. They also possess a gentile qualtity when having sex with the white man and to make certain he is fully satisfied. I have experimented with others and found that their is no comparison and prefer the black male. If I am unable to find what I am interested in, I then decide to masturbate, thinking of past experiencs as if I am in an hynotic state until orgasm is achieved. Being a member of the Cos simplifies what I need to accomplish by filling my head with their spirits until I am fully satisfied


LISTEN TO ME!! I made the mistake of having sex in high school. I got pregnant, had an abortion, and I almost didn't survive. Now, four years later, I am engaged to the man of my dreams. Our wedding night is going to be better than I could ever imagine because we AREN'T having sex now.
Read Jeremiah 29:11. Think about your future.


i am new at this sex thing and my new bf and i fucked we did it a lot and i could easily give him an orgasm but he got mad that he couldnt give me one.. we tried like as many different kinds of condoms but i still. and how do you give your bf a good blow job. I have horrible gag reflexes and i feel bad that im able to give him a good blow job.
please help


How do I give my boyfriend an orgasm? I don't understand how. I know it sounds stupid. I'm just inexperienced. Please WRITE BACK. I really need help here ASAP. Thanks.


hello, my name is brett and i am 15 years old. Ive never fingered a girl before, and I have this girlfriend and i am scared to finger her because i dont really know how. How do I finger my girl friend? what do i do to her clit? how do i find her g spot? what do i do with it? AlsO how do i eat her out? is there anything i shoudl know about how to make her horny? (like the shower head on the clit). Is there anything i should do to her tits? please help me out it would mean alot thanks


Does it hurt when you insert your penis into vigina?


The best way to make a girl horny is to kiss her and rub her tits and vaginal area over her clothes (with her clothes on). Sounds weird, but this makes me the horniest and I've been having sex for...well, a long time. Fingering is ok as long as you gently and slowly thrust your fingers in then rub up into the clit (the nub at the top). Use rhythm! Slow is best! You and your girlfriend are way too inexperienced to know anything about g spots so forget it for now. If your girlfriend will let you eat her out, just concentrate on the clit, alternate between slow and rythmic and quick. Run your hand up her thighs and let her know that you want her. What a turn on! Just being together should be enough to make you horny, that's the best thing about being young! Enjoy, always always use birth control.


Ok I am a virgin, and well there is this guy who wants to have sex with me and I want to with him. I am very nervous and well I don't even know how to position my legs. Yes I know so stupid but can someone tell me how.... You can e-mail me so please do [email protected]


if i wear a condom and fuk a gurl can i stick it in her vigina

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