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October 28, 2003



What? Fire Laura? Why how would that look with the Marriage Protection Week? Ya'll know she done taught him to read too. And Geography and them maps and all.


That horrible man's voice makes my skin crawl. I'd like to hear him spit up the word "Iraq" the way an Arab speaker might pronounce it--the first letter is a gulpy vowel Gollum might make--it's not the same I as in Iran. And the final consonant is a gulpy even more Gollum like sound. Bush would sound as if he were coughing up a hairball if he tried it. At least, that's what I sound like.


Just to be clear it is not my intention to give a definitive pronunciation guide. But rather, perhaps, to show how badly and with how much disrespect he speaks to the citizens of these countries.

My Iranian friend many years ago looked me right in the eye, sort of hurrumphed, and said "I didn't run anywhere. Did you?"

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