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October 13, 2003


Steve Dore

I know what you mean. I found this site on a google search looking for something else, i won't say what. That was maybe 5 months ago. I've been reading it almost every day since at work. That was until this morning when I was fired. I'd like to say that in some way I hold you partially responsible for that because it's only been since then that things at work have really been not so kosher. But then I am so confused by the things you say, I don't know what to think. Yet it keeps me coming back for more. Like an itch, or something. I have to read your site, even here at the library which is where I have to check the internet now because I lost my job. I have to read it all the time until I figure out what it means because it drives me fucking crazy.



How can you blame someone else for YOUR ACTIONS?
Some puzzles are better left to set for a while, to be revisited later with more clarity, and a fresh mind.

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