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October 29, 2003



I was invited to join the "Founders Circle" of the RNC in a gold letter-embosed letter signed by both Uncle Dick and Fly Boy. It was quite flattering, really. For only $1500 I could sit in the same room as them at a massive luncheon somewhere in DC. Of course any donation was fine if I couldn't make it to the lunch, they assured me, even one as low as $100. For that little, I could be a part of their rich circle of friends. Maybe it would rub off on me, the letter seemed to say, and I'd be rich by proxy.

If only I'd sent in my check and become a "founder." Then I wouldn't feel so broke and so tempted to respond to that Nigerian email I received yesterday, or that anonymous chain letter that found its way to my mailbox last week. Send a dollar and get back hundreds!

They cast a wide net, don't they, and certainly try to appeal to our desire to be "one of them," or at least "like them" through association. It's got the faint air of social clubs of the past, or perhaps fraternities of today. Just to be considered worthy! I'm feeling so blessed right now I might cry.

Love your blog, man.


Hey I'm pleased to know you like it!!! Thanks!


Bush is such a Nincompoop!

Pissed Off Hippy

I hate bush just as much as the next patriotic american does, but I just don't believe Bush should be excecuted. You do that and prove that you care about life just as much as he does. You ignorant....

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