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November 09, 2003



Hey man - where can I find out more about the travelling rings?

[Sure. Go here.]


My boyfriend and I are having problems having sex. He has a hard time getting inside me and when he does he just goes limp. How do I help him in and keep this from repeating????


Man, this is a great site. I keep coming back for more. Very clever.

the end.



Do you think that this site (www.dancingass.com) is "scandalous and immoral" ??
Well, the Bush administration apparently thinks it is. The site owner tried to trademark the site's cartoon character, a "dancing ass" and the Bush administration rejected it, saying that it was scandalous and immoral. Are they joking???!!! Isn't their sense of morality a bit over-reaching? I mean, c'mon...

Patrick Johns

I would try to avoid posting links or comments by people searching for children for sexual purposes. I personally don't give a damn regarding anyone's sexual preferences, though I consider sex with children to be immoral, abusive and criminal. I also consider ONLY consensual sex as legitimate, thus rape, in any form, is equally immoral and not to be condoned. I am sure that most people feel this way.

Personally, I feel that you could indeed have an excellent site here, though I would separate the sexual discussions from the political. Better yet, why not place them on two different sites altogether? I'm 60 years old, happily married, and uninterested in such pursuits.

As far as aliases are concerned, it's my opinion that only one's given name be used. Aliases usually indicate that one has something to hide, or is ashamed of. This, in turn, places one's credibility in question, and indeed affects the credibility of the entire site.

Anyway, these are just a couple of suggestions that you might take under consideration. I think that it's a good thing that you want to tell the truth, and that appearances shouldn't really matter. Nonetheless, the inescapable fact is that appearances do indeed matter.

Your self-admitted laziness notwithstanding, on the one hand, it seems that you do indeed want to get the facts out, and make some real and positive changes in this troubled world of ours. But on the other hand, maybe all you REALLY want to do is to stir up some shit and get laid in the process...

I'd also put a shirt on. I mean, who cares what your skin looks like?


Liar -- not Lier

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