> Selected Works of Robert Filkins

Inside the Minds of Robert Filkins
A Rose For Kassia
Por Kassia Tambien
Pale Blue Eyes
Kassia's Star
A Blue Flower With Red Petals
Blue Hearts
War Shield
A Rose For My Niece
Dreams of a Red Sun in a Blue Sky
A Golden Sunrise in the Mountains
Purple Rose of Lakeport
Star of Lakeport
A New Mexico Sunrise
Ten Pointed Stars, History Channel, Modern Marvels
Golden Stars in Blue Skies
Are Dreams Real
Purple Roses of Santa Monica
Dreams of Red and Blue
Blue Snowflakes with Red Crystals
Red Ten Pointed Stars
Sun Over New Mexico
Blue Suns in Blue Skies
Birth and Death of Stars
The Creation
Golden Dreams In a Sunless Land
Blue Flowers In Gold Hats
Fantasy Can Be Real Sometime
Dreams of Green In An Arid Land
The Butterfly Star
A Desert Green With Envy
Brains Are Minds of Gold
Gold Waters
Strawberries and Gold
Blood Tie
Bluebells, and Goldenrods
Desert Flowers
The Desert Gods
Sea Stars
Dreams In the Golden Night
Golden Butterflies Are Not Free
Gold Cups, With Blue Water
Golden Waters
A Sun in the Blue Skies
Merry Christmas
A Bush of Thorns
Weird Lights