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War Shield

War Shield

Gilgamesh, where are you going?
The life you're looking for you'll never find.
When the gods made man,
Death is what they reserved for him, but saved
life for themselves.
Eat and drink your fill, Gilgamesh, and
celebrate day and night.
Make every day a festival; day and night dance
and play.
Let your clothes be sparkling fresh; rinse your
hair and bathe.
Mind the little one that holds your hand, and
let your wife enjoy your embrace.
For this is the proper business of man.

"If I threw you in the river, you'd pollute
the water."

"If you're poor, you're better dead than alive;
if you've got bread, you can't afford salt; if
yor've got salt, you can't afford bread."

"Take your enemy's land and your enemy
comes and takes yours."

"There are lords and there are kings, but the
real person to fear is the tax collector."

"If you don't shut your mouth, a fly will get in."

"Tell me what you found, not what you lost."